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Apache Web Devolpment

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Welcome to Beginning PHP6, Apache, MySQL Web Development , your new trusty resource for assistance in
creating your own dynamic web sites. There are a lot of technologies available that can be used to deliver
great web sites, and we ’ re glad you chose the Apache/MySQL/PHP (sometimes referred to simply as
AMP) approach. You may or may not have had a taste of these three components in the past, but either
way we ’ re confident that you will be impressed with the power that lies within them. With this guide by
your side, you ’ ll soon learn why this combination is rapidly becoming the most popular way to develop
dynamic web sites!
Apache, MySQL and PHP are each complex in and of themselves, and it ’ s impossible for
this book to
cover every advanced detail of all three. The purpose of this book is to give you the best possible
foundation for understanding how each of the core components work separately and together, which
will enable you to take full advantage of all that they have to offer. Where we cannot discuss some of the
advanced topics, either because it would lead us off on a tangent and cause us to lose focus or because of
the space constraints of print media, we provide plenty of direction to authoritative resources you can go
to for more information. We show you the tip of the iceberg and provide you with the tools to explore
it to its greatest depths. When you ’ ve finished reading this book, you ’ ll have a thorough understanding
of the core concepts you need to be an effective developer using Apache, MySQL, and PHP, and
hopefully a burning desire to continue learning and growing as a developer.
Who ’ s This Book For?
We assume that anyone reading this book has some experience with web site development concepts and
a basic working knowledge of HTML and CSS. Knowledge of other programming languages besides
PHP is not a prerequisite for this book, but certainly any programming experience you have will help
you understand and apply the concepts we present.
This book is geared toward the “ newbie ” to Apache, MySQL, and PHP, and we ’ ve done our best to distill
many of the core concepts and code snippets down to their most basic levels. You will find more
complex and perhaps more efficient ways of accomplishing the same tasks we present in this book as
your knowledge, comfort level, and experience increase. When that happens, you can congratulate
yourself and know that you have come over to the “ dark side ” to join us as Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

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