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 Author Saying:
If you’ve opened this book, I imagine you already appreciate how easy Joomla! makes it for you to run your web site
or blog. Like me, you may be astonished that the excellent Joomla! developers have created such a solid, professional
content management system and then made it free for all the world to use. Similar to its open-source cousin
WordPress, Joomla! has grown from being used on a few hundred rudimentary web sites to literally having millions of
advanced site deployments.
Joomla! has evolved to become such a comprehensive system that you can literally do anything on
a Joomla!
site that is possible on an expensive, custom web site. And most of the time, there is a free extension available that
augments the Joomla! core to do exactly what you want—with your only investment being the time it takes to install
and configure.
If you’ve read my other book, Beginning Joomla!, you have already seen the possibilities available to you if you
go beyond the basic features of Joomla!. This book will take you up to the next levels. Whether you’ve created a small
Joomla! site that you want to polish into a gem or you run a huge site that is straining to make that next growth step,
this book will show you how to push Joomla! to its limits and beyond.
I have written the book so you can add tremendous capabilities to your Joomla! site whether you have any
development training or not. It will cover everything from advanced server deployment to using sophisticated
extensions to creating world-class templates. If you have a development background, the information and source
code presented here will provide you with an advanced understanding of how the Joomla! system operates from a
foundation level all the way up to using some of its cooler bells and whistles. If you’ve never written a line of code, as long as you

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