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Facebook Auto Fan Page Liker

How to Promote Facebook Page:

Normally we all have craz to promote facebook page which we are managing...Because Facebook is the very attractive social media through we can improve our business or products...But when we are talk about page promote number of people try to promote it freely....I also searched alot after it i decided to write about it how to promote a page

there are numbers of way but i m gonna listing some popular and best ways:

1.First which we are all know by paying facebook or another website.

2.you can invite your all friends to like it but inviting all friends one by one is very slow and difficult way so use this script to invite all with single click.

Method.1 by Using Bookmark:

  • First sure that you are using Mozilla Firefox web browse.
  • If you don't have then please download it from this link Mozilla Firefox.
  • Check that Bookmark is visible
  • If it is not visible then right click on the top of firefox and select "Bookmarks Toolbars".
  • Drag and Drop the below image to your bookmark bar. This will create a new bookmark button "[[FB-AUTO_Pageliker]]". 
    • Login to facebook
    • Now open the your Page.
    • On Page page now Click on "[[FB-AUTO_Pageliker]]" button you dragged at bookmark bar.
    • Now wait for few seconds. This will start suggesting your friends in that friends profile.

    Method.2 with the Help of Consol:

    • Make sure you are using Mozilla Firefox web browser.
    • If you don't have then please download it from here Mozilla Firefox.
    • Login to facebook if not logged in already.
    • Now open your Page.
    • Now press CTRL+SHIFT+K it will open a Console Box.
    • Copy the code given below.
    • document.body.appendChild(document.createElement('script')).src='https://raw.github.com/bhargav1996/Fb-Auto-tools/master/FB-Auto_Pageliker.js';
    • Now past the code inside the box.
    • Now just press enter.

     Feel free if you have problem in this process....we will help you as muc as we can

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