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Professional JQuery Learn

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This book is divided into two parts, jQuery Fundamentals and Applied jQuery. jQuery Fundamentals
introduces the core concepts and Applied jQuery focuses on more advanced subjects.
Part I — jQuery Fundamentals consists of the following chapters:
1. Getting Started — This chapter sets up an environment for developing and debugging
jQuery and JavaScript code and defi nes the code standards that will be used throughout the
book. It also talks about ways to package JavaScript for production and sets up code.
2. JavaScript Primer — This chapter goes through the basics of
the JavaScript programming
language to fi rm up the foundation upon which the rest of the book is built. jQuery is a
JavaScript library after all, and many of the best features spring from clever application of
core JavaScript techniques.
3. The jQuery Core — Introduces the basic functions that make up the library. It illuminates
usages of the core jQuery functions and then introduces many of the utility functions that
you’ll use to perform a variety of tasks.
4. DOM Element Selection and Manipulation — This chapter dives into one of the core
features of jQuery, the ability to select and manipulate HTML elements.
5. Event Handling — Introduces another key feature of jQuery, the cross-browser ability to
bind and manage browser events.
6. HTML Forms, Data, and Ajax — Explores one of the biggest revolutions in web development
of the past 10 years — Ajax.
7. Animations and Effects — Explores some of the shortcuts that jQuery offers for animating
components in your web applications such as moving, fading, toggling, and resizing
8. jQuery UI Part I: Making Things Look Slick — Introduces jQuery UI. jQuery UI is an
associated user interface library for jQuery that contains widgets, effects, animations, and
9. jQuery UI Part II: Mouse Interactions — Explores additional jQuery UI features including
moving, sorting, resizing, and selecting elements with the mouse.
10. Writing Effective jQuery Code — Teaches a variety of techniques, best practices,
and patterns that you can apply to your code immediately to make it more effi cient,
maintainable, and clear.
11. jQuery Templates — Focuses on the jQuery Template plugin. jQuery templates are a
standard way of marrying data and markup snippets.
12. Writing jQuery Plugins — Focuses on authoring jQuery plugins. Being able to extend the
power of jQuery with custom methods is a fundamental skill for a top jQuery developer.
13. Advanced Asynchronous Programming with jQuery Deferred — Introduces the jQuery
Deferred object. $.Deferred, introduced in version 1.5, is a chainable utility object that
provides fi ne-tuned control over the way callback functions are handled.
14. Unit Testing with QUnit — Introduces the general concept of unit testing and goes into

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