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Corel Draw Graphic

CorelDraw Graphics Suite is a software package of design tools designed to run on Windows operating systems. The main application in this large package of tools is CorelDraw, which is used for vector designs and layouts. Corel Photo-Paint is designed to retouch and edit digital photos, and other apps in the package can do tasks such as screen grabs, collaborate with co-workers, and more.
The CorelDraw interface has the familiar Windows options
with pull-down menus for File, Edit, and View. Main functions like effects are easily applied with large buttons on the left of the main window. New effects for this release include Smear, Twirl, Attract, and Repel. We liked that you'll instantly see a preview of what the effect will do to your drawing and that you can use drag and drop to select a specific area for effects. If you don't like the look of the effect, it can be switched off just as quickly. Also helpful were the many professionally designed templates to easily create items like posters, business cards, and newsletters.
The other main app in the suite is Corel Photo-Paint, and it operates in a similar manner with a similar layout. We used the photo editor for a digital photo that looked rather blurry and unfocused and were pleasantly surprised at the improvements to the image just using the automated tools setting of the software.
This is a powerful graphics suite, but in our tests, we did experience some stability issues, and the program crashed on one occasion. It is also geared toward the professional user, with a price tag that reflects this. The 15-day trial is on the short side, but with the familiar Windows-style layout this should be long enough for most people to get a full sense of the suite's design tools.

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