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PHP Game Programming

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Over the past few years the World Wide Web has grown tremendously. From its
infant stages when a Web page was nothing more than text with HTML to
dynamic, robust, extensible, rich multimedia content. Five years ago you would
never have thought of playing a game on the Web, but today, with current scripting languages,
you can do just that. PHP has transformed the Web as we know it. PHP provides
quick, dynamic, real-time tools to bring life to Web sites.
PHP (otherwise known as the hypertext preprocessor) burst onto the scene in 1994 when
Rasmus Lendorf released a package of “Personal Home Page” tools to the public. As more
interest for these tools grew, Rasmus decided to
create his own scripting engine to parse
input from an HTML form. The first version of PHP was born; it was called PHP/FI.
The programming community quickly grew out of PHP/FI, and PHP soon became the
API as you know it today. If you know C/C++ or Java then learning the basic PHP constructs
will be extremely easy.
PHP is a wonderful tool with quick, on-the-fly, compilation. It also offers you a ton of
libraries to work with to create graphics, Flash pieces, connections to databases, and connections
to other computers.
The main focus of this book is to take all of these tools and give you the knowledge and
power to create turn-based games on the Web.

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