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Blogging Tips and Tricks

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About This Book

Whether you’re building a blog as a rank beginner or redesigning an existing
blog to make it better, you can find everything you need in these pages. The
fact that you’re holding this book likely means you have some ideas about
starting a blog — and I want to get you started right away!
The first part of the book gets you blogging quickly and safely. Chapter 1
introduces you to blogging, Chapter 2 walks you through
the world that is
the blogosphere, and Chapter 3 helps you choose the software and tools you
need to get started. In Chapter 4, I show you the fastest and easiest way to
get started immediately with your very own blog.
However, you don’t have to memorize this book or even read it in order.
Feel free to skip straight to the chapter with the information you need and
come back to the beginning later. Each chapter is designed to give you easy
answers and guidance, accompanied by step-by-step instructions for specific
I include sidebars that give you more information, but you don’t need to read
those sidebars if you’re short on time. Technical Stuff icons also indicate
helpful extras that you can come back to when you have more time.
Conventions Used in This Book
Keeping things consistent makes them easier to understand. In this book,
those consistent elements are conventions. Notice how the word conventions
is in italics? That’s a convention I use frequently. I put new terms in italics
and then define them so that you know what they mean.
URLs (web addresses) or e-mail addresses in text look like this: www.blogging
fordummiesbook.com. Sometimes, however, I use the full URL, like this:
http://traction.tractionsoftware.com/traction because the URL is
unusual or lacks the www prefix.

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